RWH010: Habits That Create Success & True Abundance w/ Guy Spier Part 2

William Green speaks with Guy Spier, a renowned hedge fund manager who has beaten the S&P 500 by almost 250 percentage points since launching the Aquamarine Fund in 1997. Guy is also the author of a classic memoir, “The Education of a Value Investor.” This conversation has been divided into two episodes. Here, in Part 2, Guy discusses the high-performance habits that helped him become a successful investor and create a truly abundant life.
00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:02 – Why it’s vital to have clarity about your life mission and to structure your life around it.
00:08:48 – Why it’s helpful to write your own obituary or funeral speech.
00:09:55 – What strategies help Guy to focus better and handle the challenge of having ADHD.
00:21:21 – How to construct an environment that enables you to think calmly and deeply.
00:24:17 – How Guy structures his reading and why he routinely sends notes to his “future self.”
00:28:53 – Why he owns a minuscule quantity of about 100 stocks.
00:32:13 – Why he believes the real key to learning is to nurture relationships with the right people.
00:36:40 – How Guy Spier deals with the many competing demands on his time and energy.
00:41:01 – Why he reads great novels and studies mathematics, instead of living a narrower life.
00:45:37 – What you should optimize for in life. Hint: it’s not money.
00:53:53 – What advice Guy has on how to compound goodwill.
01:01:33 – Why the best path to success and happiness is to focus heavily on lifting up other people.
01:07:27 – What guiding principles help him to decide how to manage his time.

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